What are steps to resolve installation error of McAfee Mobile security account?

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Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Steps to resolve installation error of McAfee Mobile security

The key to ensuring overall protection across the board and covering yourself in a blanket of security and safety in regards to your personal data is to equip yourself with a self sufficient antivirus solution like McAfee Mobile Security Antivirus. One of the most commonly used antivirus programs on the individual as well as organizational level, McAfee provides excellent security features for computers, laptops, tablets, as well as smartphones, including a resilient firewall, parental controls, real-time local and online scanning, VPN, and a password manager.

The smartphone version of McAfee Antivirus is also regarded as the McAfee Mobile Security application or MMS. Downloading the McAfee activate application on your phone is just as easy as installing the software on your laptop or PC using mcafee.com/activate is. However, there are certain situations and conditions where the installation of McAfee Mobile Security may fail to start or finish. If you are facing this issue currently, let this guide help you determine how to best resolve this installation problem right away:

No Google Play store application

Your McAfee Mobile Security application will typically fail to complete installation if your device does not have the Google Play store Application installed on it. Such a failure usually manifests as an error message saying “Webpage not available” after you have accepted the End User License Agreement or the EULA. this happens because you are redirected to the Google Play store after accepting the EULA. If it is not detected, the installation of MMS fails. To solve this issue you can either download Google Play store on your phone or you can use this link to download it without the app store: https://www.mcafeemobilesecurity.com/mobile/

Security applications other then McAfee Mobile Security

It is highly recommended that you delete any other security applications that you may have on your phone before you download McAfee Mobile Security. If you do not, these third-party apps will interfere with the software and block it as it tries to install on the system.

Memory issues

In order to download McAfee mobile security on your phone and access your account, you need to have enough space in your phone’s local memory. Remember: the MMS application cannot be installed on external memory aids such as memory cards. This means that to continue the installation and make it successful, you need to make space on the onboard memory of your phone by deleting files, images, videos, texts, and other space-occupying data.