McAfee Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Developing a digital strategy is an important aspect of running and handling a business or enterprise in the contemporary business industry. In fact, most small, medium, as well as large scale ventures are choosing hybrid or complete cloud solutions for their operations, availing the benefits that come with a largely modernized digital approach to running an enterprise.

Unfortunately, doing so also exposes you to a number of online threats that can put your data and system integrity at risk. These intruders are always on the lookout to find and exploit vulnerabilities in networks like yours so that they can cause you damage recovering from which can become quite a hassle. As such, it is critical to invest in security management solutions that give you control over the defense of your system and effectively block out the threats by detecting them early and eliminating them as quickly as possible.

Security Management with McAfee

McAfee has been known since a long time for their security products such as antivirus programs but did you know that they also offer security management solutions for large enterprises to tackle advanced digital threats? has introduced a Security Information and Event Management solution, also referred to simply as SIEM.

The SIEM solution by has been designed to address all of your security concerns and relevant processes in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. Instead of having to deal with security information management and security event management separately, SIEM combines these two aspects of your defense management to make the process more scalable and visible.

Real time threat analysis with McAfee SIEM

One of the greatest advantages of opting for the SIEM products is that you receive the capability to conduct real time analysis of current and potential security threats that are detected by the software and hardware that comprise your network. The role of SIEM in this regard goes well beyond simply real time monitoring as you can use the tools at your disposal to perform detailed user and behavior analysis, ensuring that you understand what you are facing before you launch a response.

The SIEM products receive input from multiple sources within your network to optimize the threat detection system by integrating thoroughly with your existing architecture. This integration enables you to better manage all of the security related processes as everything is available under one interface.