Cloud Security

The world of information technology is extremely volatile. Every few days, a new trend or buzz word arises that promises to take the IT industry by storm and change it forever. And while such drastic change is not experienced as frequently as the claims are made, the world of IT thrives on disruptive trends and technology. This is because the modern landscape is continuously changing and technology needs to adapt simultaneously to be able to keep up with the expectations and demands.

The mass shift to the cloud

The evolution of IT has ultimately led us to one of the most inspired and impacting developments in recent times. So much so that over 83% of all enterprises are expected to be shifting their workloads to the cloud by this year. In fact, around 94% of enterprises are using cloud-based solutions- full or hybrid- in some capacity in their business architecture already. This is all for good reason considering just how mobile, flexible, scalable, and customizable cloud solutions tend to make business operations and workflows.

Leveraging the benefits of cloud security is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy security solutions providers in the current digital atmosphere. Not only does offer incredibly effective data and device security tools, but it can also equip your cloud-based workloads with the protection they need to maintain its integrity.

Synchronizing Data and Cloud Security

If you are already using data loss prevention or device security programs for your business, you can synchronize them with your cloud protection product to build a comprehensive and syncopated security approach for your network as a whole. This makes your operations much more manageable and streamlined.

Solutions that Adapt and Integrate cloud security products are meant to provide you and your data safety regardless of what kind of cloud platform or solutions you are using. They can adapt to and integrate effectively with public and private clouds, as well as hybrid and multi cloud environments.

The 360 Degree Shared Responsibility Model of McAfee approaches cloud security in a very innovative and unique manner, but one that makes a lot of sense in the contemporary environment. The Shared Responsibility Model holds a multitude of stakeholders involved in the business processes accountable for securing the cloud, including the users, the enterprise, as well as the service provider.