Infection with a computer virus can cause significant harm to the data of any computer user. Look out for the following most common signs that point to a virus infection on your system:

Appearance of Pop Ups

If you are starting to experience the sudden and unexpected appearance of pop ups and new windows on your screen that you have not opened, it almost exclusively points towards a virus infection.

Unusually Slow System Performance

One of the most common ways a computer virus manifests itself is pretty innocuous- the slowing down of your computer system. The screen may freeze occasionally, the system starts to lag a bit, and apps take a longer time to load and launch.

Frequent Application Crashes

As the virus infiltrates into the various components and content of your PC, it can start to interfere with the applications and software you use on it, causing them to freeze and even crash during use.

System Reboots

One step beyond app crashes, computer virus infection can also present as full system crashes which result in frequent reboots and restarting of the PC, disrupting your digital experience.

Decreased Disk Space

While a virus may be imperceptible at first, it starts to grow, replicate, and expand, occupying a significant portion of your disk space and causing performance issues. If you notice a sudden decrease in the storage capacity, it may point to some fishy business.

Locked Files

Viruses can also block previously accessible files and documents as they corrupt all of your data.

Unauthorized Email or Social Activity

If the virus gains access to your email or social media accounts, it can start sending unauthorized messages and emails to your contacts in hopes of spreading the virus or simply wreaking havoc. Keep checking your Sent folder for unusual email activity.

Sudden Changes

At the end of the day, if you notice any sudden or unexpected change in your system that is out of the blue and disrupting your experience, the best thing to do is be on the safe side and run a scan to rule out a computer virus so the problem can be nipped in the bud.


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