The reason why Mcafee activates is consistently regarded as one of the best antivirus programs currently available for use is that it continuously provides its users access to innovative tools that serve to enhance local and online protection for PCs and other technological devices.

The Script Scanner is one of these intuitive tools. The way the Threat Prevention Script Scanner works is that it intercepts the script even before it has the chance to be executed and scans it to ensure that it is clean and does not pose a threat to the system. This Browser Helper Object operates with Internet Explorer and has the ability to identify and scan the code for JavaScript and VBScript and detect any malicious or suspicious scripts before they are executed. If the Script Scanner detects the presence of malicious code, the script is prevented from being executed. If the code is declared to be clean and void of any suspicious pieces of code, it is passed on to the respective Windows Script Host such as JavaScript or VBScript for execution.

If you wish to use this tool offered by Antivirus, you need to download Threat Prevention Script Scanner and then enable ScriptScan as well as enable the add on in your Internet Explorer browser. To enable the add on, all you have to do is launch Internet Explorer after downloading Threat Prevention and toggle it on in the prompt that appears subsequently. Make sure that you enable ScriptScan before you launch Internet Explorer. If you launch the browser first and then enable ScriptScan, Threat Prevention will fail to scan your activity for malicious scripts. Close the browser, enable ScriptScan, and launch it again to start scanning scripts for suspicious code.

ScriptScan may have an impact on the performance and speed of certain websites and applications, particularly those that are web-based and have loads of code and script. In the case that you do not want to compromise on website performance, you can add them to ScripScan exclusions. Disabling ScriptSan altogether for a couple of websites can put you at risk from several other sources. Adding these particular website URLs to the exclusions list for ScriptScan ensures that they are safe and trusted by you which is why they are omitted from being scanned when you launch them on Internet Explorer.